Monday, November 19, 2012

Behcet's Disease

Behcet's is a pretty interesting syndrome, in that it affects widely separated parts of the body, and tends to be pretty serious.  Also known as Oculo-Oral-Genital Syndrome, it consists of recurrent aphthous oral ulcers at least three times in twelve months, in conjunction withany two of the following:  retial vasculitis or uveitis, cutaneous lesions such as erythema nodosum, pseudofolliculitis or papulopustular lesions (think lesions similar to fire ant bites), a positive result of a pathergy test or recurrent genital ulceration.  A positive pathergy test is the stimulation of the formation of similar lesions by scratching or puncturing the skin.

The proper way to pronounce Behcet's is Beh-Chets, NOT Beh-shet's.  I would have allowed Beh-Jet's, since the ch sound in Turkish is similar to a j, but nobody answered that way.  

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