Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shark Bite BCC

This was the slide I showed at Saint-Louis that generated the most interest.  As you can imagine the French were fascinated that a guy could be walking around with a basal cell so long as to develop the huge ulceration you see here.  They offered all sorts of theories.  Insane.  Poor.  No socialized medicine (to which I replied au contraire, mes amis, as a retired member of the military he has free access to medical care"). Since this was being presented as interesting cases from my residency in San Antonio, finally a guy in the back cracked up the entire room when he shouted out "Parce que il est Texàn!" ("Because he is a Texan"- they thought all Texans were badasses).  Adding to the Texan mystique was the fact that the week before, during a robbery attempt on the RER train on the way to Versailles I told the robber-who pretended he had a gun in his pocket- 'va te faire foutre', which shall go untranslated.  So, they thought the Texans could walk around for years with a giant, eroded BCC.  

Believe it or not, he did not get a fore-quarter amputation, although his brachial plexus was so badly damaged he had limited use of his arm.  He was Mohsed to clear the margins, then reconstructed by the ortho boys at Wilford Hall.

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