Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Candidal balanitis/scrotitis

Candidal balanitis is a condition of men who walk around with soggy shorts, are immune compromised, or are uncircumcised.  The picture, although suggestive given the scrotal involvement, is not pathognomonic, and so given the clinical picture, many things, such as psoriasis, Zoon's and even LP could fit the bill.  

The real giveaway on this clinical picture is the scrotitis.  The red, glazed look is classic for candidal involvement, and given the balanitis, it pretty well nails it.  However, if you see an itchy red scrotum, first KOH it because it could be candida or ACD.  If you see a balanitis, you should KOH it to help decide the course of action, as the treatment for most of those conditions is steroids, which if you used steroids would literally drive this guy nuts.  Pun intended.
p.s. Bonus question: How many hits have we gotten on the Derm Challenge blog since its inception? One point if you are within a thousand.

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